Why Otter Windows?

We deliver quality and professionalism

At Otter Windows, we’ve been upgrading homes in the area since 2008. We’re a Devon company through-and-through – we understand the unique character of this corner of England and we guide our customers towards design solutions that complement both their properties and the nature of the area.

We’re passionate about serving fellow Devonians. John Capon, who leads our team, has his fingers in more community pies than he cares to remember. His skills as a “maker of lots of outside noise” are in hot demand. He’s a popular DJ in the zone and frequently loans both his mini-bus and his ‘sound van’ (a portable sound and lighting system) to local schools and community groups.

Whether we’re getting you a full set of new sash windows or a new composite door, we’ll always treat you as a valued member of our community. Get in touch today to find out more!

Home Improvement Solutions
Your home is precious to you

Your home is precious to you – we’ll always treat it with the utmost respect.

We know work on your property can be disruptive to family life and that you don’t take your plans lightly. You want amazing results and professional, trouble-free service.

At Otter Windows, we take your needs seriously. We’re a team of skilled, highly trained installers with a single objective – to give you home-improvement solutions that will exceed your expectations and bring you decades of pleasure. We won’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied with the final results. Most of our work comes as a direct result of our customers recommending us to friends, families and colleagues – we think this says a lot about the service we offer.

Locals Serving Locals Conservatory Solution
Locals Serving Locals

Locals serving locals

All our staff are from this area and we all care deeply about preserving the architectural beauty of the region.

We’d love to hear about your plans (even if they’re in an infant stage) so we can guide you towards a window, door or conservatory solution that’s perfect for you and that works well in your neighbourhood.

Whether your plans are small or on a massive scale, we’re confident we can work with you to design installations that add elegance and harmony to the place you call home.

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