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Conservatory Conversions In Devon

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Conservatory Conversions In Devon

Is it time to give your conservatory an upgrade? At Otter Windows, we’ve been working on conservatory conversions since 2008 and completed hundreds of projects in that time. Our conversions will help give your extension a fresh new look and a longer lifespan, and they’re cost-efficient and reliable too. Read on for more. 

The Better Way To Build

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Our conservatory conversions are pre-manufactured off-site and don’t require any base work. No cement is used so there’s less mess and they can be watertight in only two days. 

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Our conservatory conversions are designed to be lightweight, so you’ll be able to build on the existing base without compromising on safety. This helps to keep the costs low and installation times short.

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Energy Efficient

Converting a conservatory makes it usable all year round. They’re up to five times more energy efficient than the typical UK conservatory and can save as much as £1000 on your heating bills.

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Added Value

Converting your old conservatory will help add value to your property. The updated design increases kerb appeal and as the walls are slimmer than brick ones, you’ll also gain extra floor space.

Glass Roofs

Glass roofs are a classic. The go-to choice for lots of homeowners, our glass roofs are high quality and reliable. Features include:

  • Customisable pitch from 2.5 to 44 degrees. 
  • Unique engineering specific to your postcode.
  • Choice of four different cornices.
  • Triple-layer storm shield for complete weather protection.

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Cotleigh double glazed product online quote
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Tiled Roofs

The Otter Windows tiled roof system is our warmest and lightest choice. It’s also the quickest way to convert a conservatory. 

  • The lightest tiled extension roof on the UK market. 
  • Fast to install so you’ll get a new roof with minimal fuss. 
  • Can include large bi-folding doors without the need for a tie bar. 
  • U-values as low as 0.15 W/m² K, regardless of your glazing choice.

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Cotleigh double glazed product free online quote
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Solid Roofs

Our solid roofs combine shaped glazing and solid roof panels into one highly configurable roof system. This is our most versatile replacement roof option.

  • Customisable pitch from 5 to 44 degrees. 
  • The lightest solid roof available in the UK.
  • Meets the latest Warrington fire safety standards.
  • Engineered to the exact requirements for your postcode area.

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Cotleigh double glazed products online quote

Flat Roofs

A robust and reliable option, our flat roofs can be combined with glass lanterns or skylights for a striking installation. Features include:

  • Fast, efficient installation.
  • Bespoke designs available in your favourite RAL colour. 
  • Compliant with modern building regulations and U-values as low as 0.12 W/m² K.
  • A lighter flat roof system, weighing only 51㎡.

Cotleigh double glazed product free quote
Cotleigh double glazed product quote
Lantern Roof Conservatories
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Energy Efficient Conservatories

Get Your Designs

By converting your current conservatory, you’ll dramatically influence the thermal efficiency of your home. Our conversions eliminate draughts and feature improved insulation, helping to reduce your energy bills and limit how much you’ll need to use your central heating or air conditioning. It’s a fast and efficient way to improve the performance of your conservatory and can do wonders for your Devon home. 

Customisation Options

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Glass Roof

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Tiled Roof

solid roof

Solid Roof

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Flat Roof

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Lantern Roof

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Cotleigh double glazed free online quote
Cotleigh double glazed online quote
Cotleigh double glazed free quote
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What Happens Next?

Picking your favourite designs is just the start of your dream living space. Now that we’ve received your contact request and favourite designs, we’ll be in touch to assist you with our superimposed images. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Choose Us?

Since 1982, we’ve developed a knack for high-quality work, with even higher quality customer service, so you’ll never need to worry when you’re with Britannia.

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ISO 9001
Made in Britain
National Warranties
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Energy Efficient

An upgraded conservatory can take the pressure off your monthly energy bills. They’re the perfect solution for any conservatories that become uncomfortably stuffy in warm weather or unusable in the cold.

Made in the UK

Like all of our products, our conservatories are locally manufactured in the UK. We build them to the highest standards and can liaise directly with customers to ensure they meet their requirements.

Expert Installers

Our dedicated team will treat your home with the utmost respect and do everything we can to make your conversion as smooth as possible. We offer skilled installations with respectful care.

Leading Suppliers

For homeowners who come to us, we only offer the best.. To ensure that our selection of double glazing lives up to expectations, we work with top suppliers. This means that our state-of-the-art conservatories are constructed using only the finest materials.

Ten Year Guarantee

We have complete faith in the performance of our products. As with the rest of our collection, our Conservatories come with a standard 10 year guarantee. This ensures that your new home upgrades will last for a very long time. Don't compromise on quality; go with Otter Windows.

Improved Security

We know that homeowners care about the security of their conservatories. Of course. That's why we ensure that our conservatories are highly secure. These installations are built from robust materials and feature modern security measures

Sophisticated Building Technology

We use revolutionary modern construction technologies and techniques to get our work completed in rapid time, while still providing an outstanding performance. This means not only quieter, more comfortable conservatories, but less waste by-products and minimal disturbance on site.

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Flexible Designs

It doesn’t matter what type of conservatory you have, the expert team at Otter Windows can give it the attention it deserves. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects, ranging from classical Victorian conservatories to more modern ones and we’ve got plenty of experience behind us.

Our conversion process is streamlined and efficient. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we meet very exact standards, for a truly unique conservatory upgrade. No matter your style, you can rely on Otter Windows to get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Think About Converting A Conservatory?

It’s not always obvious to spot a conservatory that needs an upgrade, but there are a few warning signs to look out for. If you notice your energy bills creeping up each month or that you’re having to use central heating more often, that’s a good indication. Watch out for repeated problems with condensation and draughts around the windows, as well as any structural damage. 

How Much Does A Conservatory Conversion Cost?

Like all home improvement projects, it depends. Multiple factors will affect the budget, from your preferred type of roof, the size of the conservatory and the exact location of your Devon home. If you’d like a personalised estimate, contact us or use our online quoting system.

Will My Conservatory Conversion Require Planning Permission?

It’s very unlikely, but we would always recommend checking with your local authority to be completely certain. Conservatories are considered to be ‘permitted development,’ but there are a few nuances in the conditions that can affect it. We rarely encounter scenarios where planning permission is necessary, but if in doubt, ask.

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British Board of Agrément (BBA)

The Ultrapanel technology used in our conservatory conversions has been independently and thoroughly tested, assessed, and approved by the BBA for use in UK housing products. Ultrapanel passed the BBA’s evaluation in thermal and structural performance, condensation, fire, and durability.

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Fire Safety

Applus confirmed that the fully assembled walls of our conservatory conversions comply with the Building Regulations’ fire safety standards. Independent fire tests also show that the fully assembled structure of our tiled and solid roofs comply with all the Building Regulations’ fire safety requirements.

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NHBC Accepts

The Ultrapanel technology used in our conservatory conversions is used on new houses throughout Warminster and Wiltshire. This has been recognised by NHBC, which provides guarantees on new homes.

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The Steel Construction Institute (SCI) conducted two strength tests on the walls of our conservatory conversions and compared them to traditional brick and block walls. It was found that the walls of our conservatory conversion have the same vertical loading strength as brick walls and are 70% stiffer than brick walls.

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Assent is a Building Control Approved Inspector who works to industry codes of conduct and building control performance standards. The walls and roofs of our conservatory conversions fully comply with Building Regulations and have been pre-approved by Assent. This provides you with a quicker route to Building Regulation compliance.

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JHAI is a government-licensed Approved Inspector that provides Building Control for all types of building projects. The walls and roofs of our conservatory conversions fully comply with Building Regulations and have also been pre-approved by JHAI for quicker compliance with Building Regulations.

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