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Decorative Glazing in Honiton & Devon

Decorative Glazing in Honiton & Devon

Decorative glass is a beautiful choice when you want to personalise the look of your windows. Create a stunning and distinctive look with Georgian bars or add traditional leaded highlights for a classic and timeless look. With a wide range of design touches to choose from, the only limit is your imagination!

Bespoke Decorative Glazing

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There is a wide range of decorative glass effects from which you can choose to match a pattern you prefer closely. Add character to your home in Honiton, Devon, or the surrounding area with our range of patterned borders in lead, Georgian bar, stained and bevelled glass, and more.

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We only use materials of the highest quality to manufacture our decorative glazing. That is why you can expect our decorative glazing to last for many years to come.


We do not believe in having to choose between style and function. That is why our decorative glazing units are double glazed as standard.


Our decorative glazing is available with various customisation options to suit your needs. Because of this, you can ensure that your new decorative glazing matches the rest of your Honiton or Devon home.

Lifetime Guarantee

Because of our high-quality decorative glazing, we provide you with a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee on your decorative glazing.

Customisation Options



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Georgian Bars

Georgian bars are set within a sealed glass unit, so you can create highly decorative grid-like designs that are beautiful to look at yet easy to keep clean. With a huge range of glass choices in different colours, styles and finishes, it’s easy to create distinctive and innovative looks for your home in Honiton, Devon, or the surrounding area.

Diamond and square leaded designs are classic and timeless and can be tailored to meet the style and period of your home. Opt for traditional lead or change up your decorated glass with an opulent gold finish to add that personalised touch. Whether you’re replicating existing decorative glass or creating a personal design statement, these stunning decorative glass accents will really enhance your home.

Further Customisation

Our decorative glazing is available in various colours and designs to match your Honiton or Devon home. We also offer a wide range of leaded decorative glazing, including square and diamond lead in either a lead or gold finish.

Additionally, we offer Georgian bars in various configurations, including grids, horizontal, vertical, and curved bars. You can also add a special touch to your double glazing with our window borders. Our patterned borders are available in lead, Georgian bar, stained, and bevelled glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What decorative glass style do Georgian windows have?

Georgian-style windows are separated into six or more sections with the use of glazing bars. This iconic style can be seen in homes across Honiton, Devon, and the surrounding area and offers an exciting way to bring decorative glass into your home.

With our innovative manufacturing methods, you can stick with traditional glazing bars or have them installed within the glazing to make your window easier to keep clean. Whichever style you choose, combined with coloured and textured glass, they create a stylish and elegant feature for your home.

Is decorated glass hard to clean?

Traditional decorated glass can be difficult to keep clean as the raised glazing bars attract dust and debris. Our innovative solution is to embed the leading or glazing bars within the window itself using panel separators. This gives you all the beauty of decorated glass with none of the hassle of keeping it clean.

When it comes to caring for coloured or bevelled glass, it couldn’t be easier. Just treat it as you would any other style of glass and give it a spray with window cleaner and a wipe down with a clean cloth to keep it looking sparkling.

What is bevelled glass?

Bevelled glass is a gorgeous way to add pizzazz to your decorative glass design. The edge of each pane is cut at an angle that is then either polished or left textured. The beauty of this style of glass is that the bevelled edges will reflect light in different ways, often creating rainbows as the light enters the pane.

If you want to add a decorative element without compromising the amount of light coming into your Honiton or Devon home, bevelled glass is a great choice and is particularly popular for front doors.

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