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Sash Windows in Honiton & Devon

Sash Windows in Honiton & Devon

Our modern sash windows combine period good looks with modern technology and a full ten-year guarantee. Manufactured in our local state-of-the-art facility, every window is made to measure with your choice of heritage or modern colours or timber finishes for traditional appeal. Sash windows add heritage charm to your home. Our modern sash windows combine style with modern double glazing technology to produce beautiful windows that add a desirable look to any home throughout Honiton, Devon, or the surrounding area.

Practical Sash Windows

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With a robust design and aesthetically pleasing appearance, our vertical sliding sash windows bring out the character of any home. With near-invisible joints and the grace of the run-through sash horn. The easy-gliding operating system means that opening and closing are smooth, while the upper and lower windows tilt inward for safe cleaning and ultimate ventilation.

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Energy Efficient

Our sliding sash windows are high-performance and will keep your home comfortable all year round. They also eliminate draughts from your Honiton or Devon property.

Finance Options

We offer flexible monthly payments, interest-free credit, and buy now/pay later for our sliding sash windows, with no finance required.


Our sliding sash windows come with security features so you can have peace of mind knowing that they will protect you and your Honiton or Devon property

Lifetime Guarantee

Because of our high-quality sliding sash windows, we provide you with a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee on your sliding sash window.

Customisation Options



Charcoal Sticks













We’ve solved the problems of underperforming single glazed and timber-framed sash windows with our smooth, easy glide operating system and high-quality frames. Our windows solve all the issues of draughts, rattling frames, and poor insulation while maximising the benefits of stylish aesthetics and excellent ventilation. 

With panes that tilt inwards, our sash windows are easy to clean and maintain. They’re even suitable for use in conservation properties. If you’re looking for sash windows that offer high performance without sacrificing period charm and ease of use, our gorgeous windows fit the bill.

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Further Customisation

Not only do our sash windows come with various colour and glazing customisation options, but they are also available in various frame designs. Because of this, you will be able to match your sash window frames to other areas of your home.

Additionally, we offer various finishing options for our sash windows. Because we create our own sash windows, we will also be able to manufacture them to meet your exact specifications for your Devon or Honiton property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure a sash window?

You’ll need to take four measurements to ensure a precise fit for your sash windows:

  • Sash window height: you’ll need to include the height of both sashes when measuring the window from top to bottom. You should always measure within the box frame for greatest accuracy
  • Sash window width: measure one side to the other within the box frame, excluding the width of the box
  • Box frame height: now measure the height of your window from the top to the frame right down to the windowsill
  • Box frame width: measure the entire width of the frame

Are uPVC sash windows any good?

Traditional timber framed sash windows had a terrible reputation for rattling and being draughty. However, high-performance uPVC is a real game changer, allowing us to create heritage-style sash windows with the performance, low maintenance and ease of use of modern double glazing products.

UPVC has come a long way and can now replicate the look of traditional timber or freshly painted wood while being easy to clean and keep looking its best. Your uPVC windows are also more cost-effective without compromising on quality, making high-performance sash windows a fabulous choice for your period home.

How does a sash window work?

A sash window uses a pulley system to allow two panes of glass to slide past each other. This style of window can be single or double-hung so that one or both of the panels can move, letting fresh air into your home.

Each sash window has a pulley and a counterweight so that when you slide the sash open and let go, it doesn’t immediately drop down again. Our modern sash windows have an easy glide mechanism for smooth and easy operation.

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