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Roof Trims & Fascias in Honiton & Devon

Roof Trims & Fascias in Honiton & Devon

Finish your home improvements in style with the perfect roof trim and fascias. At Otter Windows, we know how the perfect finishing touch can elevate the quality of your design, which is why we supply high-quality roof trims and fascia boards for your Honiton, Devon or nearby home in a wide range of styles and colours. 

Stylish Roof Trims & Fascias

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Coordinate the trim with your tiles, stick with classic white or add a pop of unexpected colour — the choice is yours. Your trims and fascias will then be bespoke and manufactured in our South West workshop to your exact specifications.

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Experience the freedom of obtaining the products you desire, tailored to your preferences. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is our priority.


We use durable and high-quality uPVC to manufacture our roof trims and fascias so they last for many years to come.


Our roof trims and fascias are available in various colours to match the rest of your home.

Weather Resistant

Our roof trims and fascias can withstand even the worst of British weather.


Because our roof trims and fascias are made-to-measure, they will fit your property perfectly.

Customisation Options

Home Inspiration

Function & Style

Roof trim is both aesthetic and functional, protecting your Honiton, Devon, or nearby home against wet weather and moisture while providing a stylish finish to the roofline. Fascia boards are the band at the end of the rafters that creates an interesting architectural detail while supporting roof tiles and guttering. Both create visual interest while protecting your home from damp problems.  

Both roof trim and fascias must be installed correctly to prevent problems and our products are made to measure to ensure that they fit and perform perfectly for years to come.

The Difference

A fascia is a series of vertically positioned boards that are fixed to the lower edge of your roofline. Fascia is clearly visible from the outside, which means they are a great way to enhance the appearance of your Honiton or Devon property.

“Roof trim” is a generic term that encompasses fascias, soffits, guttering, cladding, and downpipes. Overarchingly, the expression refers to products designed to protect your roof from moisture-related issues and occupy the length of your property. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my fascias need to be replaced?

A sign that your fascias need to be replaced is if your current ones are made out of wood. This is because the weather may have caused rot to set in, leaving your roof space vulnerable. Replacing them with a longer-lasting uPVC alternative is recommended under such circumstances.

Do you offer any customisation options for your fascias and roof trims?

Yes, we do. Our roof trims and fascias are available in neutrals and bright colours. Our colours have been curated to compliment our windows and doors for a professional and streamlined look.

Because our roof trims and fascias are made-to-measure, we are able to customise their exact dimensions to fit your Honiton or Devon property perfectly.

What is the difference between bargeboard, soffit and fascias?

Although all three are part of your roof trim, bargeboard, soffit, and fascias have three separate functions:

Bargeboard is a decorative addition to your home, outlining the distinct shape of the gable end.

Soffits connect the fascia board to the wall and run parallel to the ground. Soffits create a neat finishing touch and provide ventilation so condensation doesn’t form.

The fascia weatherproofs your roof and provides support for the lowest line of tiles and the guttering.

Together, they help to prevent moisture from entering the roof while providing an attractive finishing touch.

How long do roof trim and fascias last?

Your roof trim can last for years if it’s well-maintained. At Otter Windows, we use high-quality uPVC for our range of roof boards and fascias. This material requires virtually no maintenance but won’t fade or rot, unlike traditional timber trim. Once you install stylish and high-performance roof trim and fascias from our uPVC range you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that our high-quality products will keep your home protected.

How much are roof trims and fascias?

It is difficult to provide a price for your porch as various factors contribute to the overall costs, such as the customisation options you opt for and your location in Honiton, Devon, or the surrounding area. The best way to get a price for our porches is to contact a member of our friendly team at 01404 549229.

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